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Trenchless sewer and drain pipe lining is an excellent approach to fixing corroded, broken, low-clearance, or blocked drains. Pipe bursting is one popular trenchless replacement method that reinstates cast iron and plastic pipes on site. Pipe lining, on the other hand, establishes a new pipeline by pouring the resin into existing pipelines and inserting a tool like a cure jet or dowel bar. The resin cures in the existing pipes, creating an entirely new pipe.

SD Lining Solutions, your source of quality trenchless pipe lining in Sioux City, IA, explains how it works.

How Much it Costs

Trenchless sewer repair procedures may initially be more expensive than trenching and laying new lines, but they’re much more cost-effective. This is because the damage created from the procedure is minor. Pipe bursting companies usually charge per foot of damaged line; full-depth replacement averages much more per 100 feet for most pipe lining companies.

How it is Done

CIPP pipe lining is done using special equipment designed to create the new pipeline in the same place without digging trenches or disrupting additional property. The new pipeline, usually made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), is shaped like the original pipe. Once installed, the latest trenchless sewer line can be used in place of the existing one that was damaged.

How it Benefits Homeowners

Cast iron pipe lining is beneficial since it has many benefits over traditional methods of repairing broken sewers and drains. Trenchless sewer repairs save homeowners money since there is no need for excavation or costly maintenance to landscaping. Homeowners can have the work done quickly since there is no need for extensive excavation. Minimally invasive repairs on sewer lines are also better for the environment because they don’t contribute to an erosion of topsoil, which would add to sedimentation in local waterways.

Sewer pipe lining is a solution for when your pipes are leaking, as you can’t afford to wait around. It’s affordable, quick, and easy. Contact our team for more information or to schedule an 



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