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Hydro excavation is one of your options when you need to move soil and dirt with minimal disruption and optimal efficiency. SD Lining Solutions is the contractor that you can trust when your project involves excavation in Sioux City, IA. Take a moment to learn more about the top-of-the-line hydro excavation equipment that we use and what role they play in assisting us in carrying out quality work.

Hydro Excavation Truck

A key equipment needed for the hydro excavation process is the truck used for this service. More commonly called hydrovac, this specially designed truck can have variations but is typically equipped with the same basic components.

Water Tank

Since hydro excavating involves the use of pressurized water and just water in general, a hydrovac truck has to be fitted with a water tank that will contain the water that will be used for the excavation process. The water stored in the water tank will also be used for cleaning the debris tank, as well as to clean out other equipment or work areas if necessary.

Water Pump

This is the component that enables the pressurization of the water so that it can move the soil. The pressure levels can be adjusted depending on the condition of the soil and other factors.

Debris Tank

The excavated soil mixed with the water, called slurry, is stored in the debris tank. An excavation contractor will typically keep the slurry in the tank until it needs to be disposed of at the proper disposal site.

Vacuum Pump and Hose

Hydro excavation services will not be possible without the vacuum pump and hose. These two work together to suction the soil from the ground to the debris tank.

Trucks can vary in design, although the functions are generally the same. Some trucks have shaker decks to allow for the separation of liquids. There are even trucks that have built-in recycling systems on board.

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