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Hydro excavation is a type of excavation that is a safe and efficient alternative to traditional mechanical digging. The process utilizes pressurized water and air vacuum to powerfully, yet precisely, excavate soil while avoiding underground utilities and other obstacles. Using highly efficient and specialized hydro excavating equipment, operators can dig without fear of damaging infrastructure or creating hazardous conditions.

There are various types of equipment used for a successful hydro excavation in Sioux City, IA. Here’s a quick look.

Hydro Excavation Trucks

Truck-mounted units are essential for any hydro excavation project. These vehicles are equipped with a high-pressure water pump, an air compressor, a powerful vacuum system, and specialized tools for precision work. Truck-mounted systems offer great maneuverability and the capability to quickly move from one job site to another if necessary.

Vacuum Excavators

Vacuum excavators are smaller, less powerful vehicles than trucks but they offer superior maneuverability. An excavation contractor can use them to access tight spaces that the bigger units cannot reach. These machines are typically equipped with a simple shovel attachment which is used to help scoop out dirt or debris, while a powerful vacuum then sucks the slurry up.

Utility Locating Systems

Another equipment we use during excavation services are utility locating systems. These specialized tools use radio waves to find and detect underground utilities such as water pipes, telephone lines, and electrical wiring. The data obtained from these systems help operators determine where to dig safely, without damaging any vital infrastructure or services.

Jetting Tools

Water jetting tools are very powerful and efficient equipment used during hydro excavation services for breaking up hard soils or rocks and for digging deeper trenches. They employ high-pressure water jets to cut through the soil, as well as attachments that can be attached to remove debris from the surface more quickly and efficiently.

Air Lances

Air lances are specialized drilling tools used for softer soil applications such as agricultural land or wetland areas. These devices use compressed air to blow away dirt and other materials without damaging or disturbing the underlying soil. Air lances can also be used for utility locating and are great for digging in areas with sensitive ecological conditions.

To avoid the risks associated with manual digging while getting the job done faster and more accurately, consider hydro excavation. Contact SD Lining Solutions for an appointment.


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