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Is Pipe Lining Right For Your Needs?

SD Lining Solutions is a leader among pipe lining companies in the greater Sioux Falls area, and our team has experience you can trust when it comes to modern pipeline repair technology. The following information may be useful in determining whether trenchless pipe lining is a viable solution for you.

Damage Control

CIPP pipe lining is ideal for pipes that have become cracked due to age, corrosion, heavy traffic, and tree root intrusion, among other things. The interior surface of the pipeline will be completely sealed by the new liner, and further damage will be prevented by the strength and durability that the material achieves after curing. If you’re looking to mitigate further pipe damage, pipe lining can help you with it. 

Minimally Invasive

Our sewer pipe lining services require little to no excavation. In fact, passersby and even close neighbors generally won’t be aware that the procedure is going on because it’s performed completely within the existing pipeline. The liner is fed into the damaged pipe through an access point and is then filled with air or water to inflate it to fit closely to the existing surface. After a curing time of a few hours to a few days, the pipeline can be returned to service.

Fast and Cost-Effective

Among the main reasons behind the popularity of trenchless pipe lining in Sioux Falls, SD are that it takes less time and costs far less than traditional pipe repair or replacement. The elimination of extensive digging, the reduced personnel requirements and the shortened supply list are all major contributors to both the time and cost savings of the procedure.

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If you’re interested in learning more about cast iron pipe lining and whether it’s right for you, get in touch with SD Lining Solutions. We’ll gladly answer your questions and schedule an on-site consultation at your location right away.


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