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trenchless pipe lining in Sioux City, IA

Trenchless pipe relining isn’t the right solution for every piping issue, but it is a highly effective method for repairing many types of commonly encountered sewer and drain problems. We here at SD Lining Solutions regularly furnish trenchless pipe lining in Sioux City, IA and surrounding areas as a response to the following types of pipe damage.

Pipeline Cracks

Modern sewer pipe lining technology is focused around placing new interior liners into damaged pipelines. The new liner effectively seals all cracks and openings in the pipe that could allow sewage to escape into the surrounding soil. Covering the gaps in a pipeline also prevents plant roots from finding their way in and causing even greater damage.

Pipe Separation

As a pipeline settles, the connections between sections may break down and even completely separate. Our CIPP pipe lining services offer a way to fix a separated pipeline without having to dig up part or all of it. Repairs can be made in a single area or along the entire pipeline if the separation damage is found to be extensive.

Surface Corrosion

Buried pipelines are exposed to soil minerals and wastewater for years or even decades, and this constant exposure can lead to pipe corrosion and deterioration, especially if you have cast iron pipes on your property. Cast iron pipe lining is employed with the goal of restoring the structural integrity of a pipe and extending its expected service life. The materials we use are not prone to chemical breakdown and cure to form a smooth, hard surface that promotes proper pipeline flow.

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