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Cast iron was the primary material for sewer pipes. However, they deteriorate with time, requiring repairs or replacement. At SD Lining Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing professional trenchless pipe lining in Sioux Falls, SD.

The following signs indicate that your cast iron pipe is failing and require pipe restoration.

Rodent or Roach Infestation

Insects and rodents mainly access homes through small pipe cracks. If you notice any of these, that’s a sign that your cast iron pipe is failing and could benefit from cast iron pipe lining.

Slow Drains

Drains that flow slowly, either when unplugging the sink or flushing, indicate blockage on your pipes. These blockages prevent efficient drainage from the pipe to the main sewer, which may ultimately result in delayed drains or even backups.

Foul Smell

If you notice foul odors on either of your drains, then there’s a possibility that your cast iron pipe is failing. Cracks, leaks, and blockages on the sewer pipe can allow the escape of sewer gasses, which is an indicator to seek professional sewer pipe lining services.


Cast iron pipes are susceptible to rust or corrosion, which may result in either yellow or brown-colored water. Corrosion can also lead to stained or discolored tiles, indicating your pipe is failing.

Contact SD Lining Solutions today to schedule quality pipe lining services before your failing cast iron pipe causes more damage.


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