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With the hydro excavation process, one of the options available from SD Lining Solutions involving the use of pressurized water to move soil, excavation in Sioux Falls, SD doesn’t have to mean large-scale surface disruption. This can be a cost-effective and efficient way to locate underground utilities or complete excavation-based work without the inconveniences and risks that go along with traditional excavation. Here’s how the hydro or water-based excavation process works.

Utilizing the Power of Water and a Vacuum Pump

Hydro excavation is done with a combination of pressurized water and a vacuum pump. The process starts with the use of high-pressure wands to cut through the soil in the area that needs to be excavated. The upper layers of soil are vacuumed out and transferred to a debris tank.

Safely Completing Underground Work

Excavation services of this nature allow easier and safer access to deeper layers of soil. What this does is it allows underground utilities or pipes to be located and accessed. After the work is done, the soil and other materials from the “holding tank” are put back into place to fill in the work area.

The Benefits of Water-Based Excavation

Hydro excavation is highly adaptable and flexible. It can be used solely for the purpose of locating underground utilities, or for full excavation projects. At the same time, it’s a process that doesn’t significantly disrupt the above-ground landscape, and it eliminates many of the health and safety concerns that go along with traditional digging.

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