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Trust an excavation contractor from SD Lining Solutions when you want results that will not leave you with a big mess to clean up. We believe that our services need to be effective in addressing sewer pipe issues. Once we determine that excavation is the only viable solution, we make sure that we provide the most cost-effective solution still.

Signs of Trouble

There are some telltale signs to look for that should, at the very least, be reason enough to contact our experts to find out what's going on. You may benefit from sewer repair involving excavation in Sioux City, IA if you are seeing any of the following indications:

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    Wet spots on your landscape where pipes are located below-ground

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    Drops in water pressure

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    Bad odors coming from pipe openings

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    Slow or frequently clogged drains 

A Timeless Option

Excavation services are still beneficial because of the many variables that can be involved with significant pipe repair, particularly when underground. Should there be a need to be extra careful with nearby utility lines, for instance, excavation allows for direct visualization of these structures. In addition, excavation tends to still work best for more extensive repair or installation jobs by providing a more directly accessible work area.

A Mix of Traditional and Modern Methods

We may recommend excavation once we deem that your pipes are no longer fit for trenchless services. Excavation refers to the movement of soil or other materials. Traditional sewer repair services involve digging, which requires the use of heavy machinery. After the work is done in the target area, the dug-out area is re-filled.

We also provide hydro excavating, wherein the soil is moved with a combination of an air vacuum and high-pressure water. The water is used in a way that allows for slower, more controlled excavating, which can also be done at greater depths when necessary. It also allows for added precision and safety.

Consult the Leading Name in Excavation

Turning to our experienced team for excavation and hydro excavation services means you will benefit from full transparency from start to finish. Our team is sure to give you an honest assessment of the situation involving your pipes. We will then provide an accurate and fair estimate before any work is done by our seasoned crew.

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