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If you have a project that requires excavation in Sioux Falls, SD, there are several ways to go about it. SD Lining Solutions is pleased to offer less disruptive digging methods that include hydro or water-powered excavation. Below, we go over what a client-focused contractor specializing in this type of excavation should tell you before getting to work for you.

How the Process Works

The first thing a hydro excavation technician should tell you is how the process works. This way, you’ll know what to expect before you give the okay for our team to get started. To give you an idea, it’s done with pressurized water and specialized equipment that allows for the transfer of the debris that needs to be moved to a nearby tank. The slurry is returned to the site after.

The Pros and Cons of This Approach to Excavation

Your excavation contractor should also be willing to discuss the pros and cons of this type of excavation. If, for instance, the purpose of clearing away debris around pipes is to pinpoint a leak source, it may be difficult to do so with the added water that will be in the same space. On the plus side, a contractor can also explain how excavating this way can limit the work area, minimize traffic disruptions, and improve precision and accuracy.

When it comes to hydro excavating, all options should be explored. This allows you to fully benefit from the process, and for your project to be completed successfully.

Whether or Not Excavation Can Be Avoided Altogether

While hydro excavation services have many advantages over traditional digging methods, it’s ultimately best to avoid excavation entirely whenever possible. This is why one of the things a contractor should tell you is if there are dig-free options you may wish to consider, such as trenchless pipe lining, if the conditions are optimal for it.

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