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The Expert in Trenchless Pipe Lining in Sioux Falls, SD, and the Surrounding Areas


Get more life out of your existing pipes by making SD Lining Solutions your top choice for minimally invasive pipe repair services. One of our specializations is trenchless pipe lining in Sioux Falls, SD, and the surrounding areas. It's a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly way to breathe new life into old, worn, or damaged pipes without excavation.

Pipe Lining in a Nutshell

In a nutshell, sewer pipe lining repairs pipes from the inside without actually needing to replace them. A felt tube, or "liner," is saturated with an epoxy material. The liner is inflated and the coating hardens to form a like-new interior surface. The inner pipe with its new coating has an average lifespan of about 50 years, so rest assured that this is definitely a long-term solution and not a quick fix.

The trenchless pipe lining process starts with a camera inspection. This is necessary to determine the condition of the affected pipe and to determine whether or not pipe lining is the most appropriate option. The pipe is also thoroughly cleaned, which we do with hydro jetting or other mechanical cleaning methods. The removable liner is then inserted with the coating material.

How Trenchless Pipe Lining Benefits You

Cured-in-place or cast iron pipe lining offers a wide range of appealing benefits for both homeowners and business owners. For one thing, it's a less labor-intensive process, making this a cost-effective solution. It is also faster than traditional methods. 

CIPP pipe lining is also beneficial since it preserves interior finishes, results in 30-40% savings, improves flow capacity, produces no hazardous waste, and spares your landscape.

Taking on the Toughest Issues

Several issues can be addressed with trenchless pipe lining. Pipes affected by tree root damage, for instance, can often be restored as long as the affected pipe is still stable. Pipe lining can also restore corroded or worn pipes in some cases, including older, cast iron sewer or drain lines. Be sure to watch out for frequent clogging or overflowing, slow drains, bad drain/pipe odors, and having older pipes on your property and mature trees.

Addressing Your FAQs

  1. How Much Does It Cost?

We have to take different factors into account, such as the length of the pipe we need to line.  We will also check how accessible the pipe is, the current condition of the pipe, and much more. 

     2. How Long Does It Take To Install the  Liner?

While a full day of work will suffice, preparation may involve a more extensive process, such as bringing in the equipment. An extra day may also be necessary as we need to allow time for inspection.

     3. How Long Does Its Benefits Last?

Trenchless pipe lining can last you 50 years or more, making it a cost-effective service.

Entrust Your Pipes to the Expert

As one of the top pipe lining companies in the Sioux Falls, SD, and Sioux City, IA areas, we give access to innovative solutions at reasonable rates. You will also appreciate SD Lining Solutions for your pipe restoration needs because of our courteous, well-trained staff and careful attention to every detail, from the initial estimate to project completion and cleanup.

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