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Locating underground utilities or repairing underground pipes using traditional excavation methods can be a long and tedious process. But with the hydro excavation method utilized by the SD Lining Solutions team, excavation in Sioux Falls, SD can be done quickly and efficiently. 

Read on to learn exactly what makes hydro excavation highly beneficial.

Basics of Hydro Excavation

As the name suggests, hydro excavation services are carried out with the help of pressurized water. The debris is vacuumed and stored in a tank, to be returned to the excavation site later on. 

Safer Alternative

Because hydro excavation is a more localized process that allows the excavation contractor to focus on the designated areas without using a lot of heavy equipment, the work hazards are also significantly reduced. The site will also be safe for passers-by as there are fewer machineries.

When you choose us for hydro excavation services, you won’t have to worry about accidentally damaging any underground pipes or utility lines.


Unlike labor-extensive traditional excavation that required considerable manpower, hydro excavation can be carried out by a handful of qualified experts. Reduced workforce means you won’t have to pay for inflated labor costs. With SD Lining Solutions on the job, you can rest assured that there won’t be any unnecessary and costly repeat services.

Accuracy and Efficiency

When the hydro excavating option is chosen, you can look forward to mess-free results in half the time it takes for traditional excavation to be completed.


The excavation method is suitable for various projects, even in the cold months. Hot water hydro-vac systems can soften frozen soil. This allows us to carry out our excavation services even during winter when the ground is a bit more difficult to dig up.


At SD Lining Solutions, we provide excavation services to help you access different pipes for restorations or repairs. Our hydro excavation method allows the timely completion of projects in a safe and convenient manner. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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