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Are you considering trenchless pipe lining in Sioux City, IA? CIPP lining might be the ideal solution for your situation. If you’re new to what’s also referred to as cured-in-place piping, or CIPP lining, take a moment to learn more about this pipe-within-a-pipe approach to pipe rehabilitation that’s offered by SD Lining Solutions.

How CIPP Lining Works

The first step we take when we carry out CIPP pipe lining is to perform a camera inspection. Our technicians do this to determine if pipe lining is the most appropriate and viable solution. If it is, a liner saturated with an epoxy resin material is inserted into the existing pipe that needs to be repaired. After the newly applied coating hardens or cures, the  liner is pulled out, giving you a like-new pipe ready to function flawlessly for many more years.

How We Prepare for Pipe Lining

In addition to doing an initial camera inspection, we prepare for the sewer pipe lining by cleaning the drain or sewer line that’s going to be lined and coated. It’s important to do this to remove debris and create a smooth, clean surface area so that the applied coating can adhere better. Pre-application cleaning also helps the resin get into tighter or curved areas better.

Benefits of CIPP Repair

CIPP repair requires less labor since no excavation work has to be done, which cuts down on project time and keeps costs in check. You’ll also save money by not having to deal with costly landscape or surface restoration expenses once everything is done. Additional benefits include:

  • Work that’s often completed within a single day
  • Reduced risk of tree root intrusions, clogs, and other common sewer line issues
  • Long-lasting results

Moreover, CIPP lining is widely used by many reputable pipe lining companies, making the process easily accessible. 

Get in Touch With Our Team Today

Sometimes known as cast iron pipe lining when it’s used to restore older cast iron sewer lines, CIPP is a highly adaptable and flexible approach to underground pipe repair. Reach out to SD Lining Solutions and we’ll get you started with an initial inspection and honest opinion. Contact us today to learn more on how you can benefit from the CIPP lining method or to schedule an appointment.


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